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What is Solid Surface?

Solid Surface is a unique material made from minerals and resins developed for bathroom spaces with characteristics ideal for everyday bathroom use.

Solid Surface’s great mechanical, chemical and antibacterial parameters (confirmed with test results) make the products made from Solid Surface extremely resistant to impact, stains, chemical compounds and UV light. The material is perfect for everyday use and easy to care for. Any damage can be fixed easily.


Another feature of Solid Surface is the possibility to make jointless, invisible connections between bowls and countertops which means far less care is required to keep these bathroom fixtures clean.


  • high resistance of material against scratches as well as mechanical and chemical damage,
  • you can easily restore the product to its original appearance,
  • short lead time,
  • as we regularly work with designers, our portfolio of basin bowls is continually expanding,
  • our product meets applicable international standards and may be used in public space,
  • environmentally friendly product.
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