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The top quality POOLSPA baths, equipped with the state-of-art technology will allow you to plunge yourself into the world of relaxation and fully take advantage of the therapeutic properties of water and light.

Hydromassage in the form of either underwater power showers or gentle bubbling baths will definitely affect your physical and mental state, relaxing your mind and body or just the opposite, putting you into a feeling of pleasant excitement. Could you find anything more pleasant than the favourable effect of water streams after a stressful day?

Our portable baths also give you the opportunity to benefit from the positive effects of ozone which is becoming more and more commonly used in medicine. Its specific properties:

  • support heart’s action and blood circulation system,
  • soothe climacteric related problems,
  • help to remove stretch marks, cellulite and wrinkles,
  • improve complexion colours,
  • support varicose veins and skin diseases treatment.


You can also put yourself into an excellent mood thanks to chromotherapy which takes advantage of therapeutic properties of light and colours to fight against tiredness. You can adjust their effect to your current needs, either to get more energy or to calm down, putting yourself into the state of deep relaxation.

Experience the beneficial power of baths with POOLSPA and then invite your nearest and  dearest for common therapeutic session to share the opportunity of obtaining pleasure and  genuine vitality!

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