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The bathroom is often a place of relaxation, peace and silence after a day full of hustle and bustle.

POOLSPA offer includes modern and luxurious models of baths - DP, Mood and Tuscan. They are made of material that is smooth and warm to the touch. Hand-finished and perfected to the tiniest detail, they will decorate your bathing salon.

The collection of freestanding baths made of conglomerate is extremely resistant to mechanical and chemical damage, as well as to sunlight. Perfectly smooth and non-porous surface allows you to easily keep the bath clean.

Thanks to the distinctive characteristics of the material, from which they were made, the baths are single blocks, which prevents connections between individual items, allows the use of integrated overflow system and easy removal of minor damage caused by everyday use.

Collection of freestanding baths perfectly maintains water temperature, thus ensuring long and deep relaxation.

POOLSPA freestanding baths are available in white with satin finish.

Baths can be equipped with soft gel pillows, providing even bigger bath comfort. We also recommend the collection of freestanding batteries in our offer.

POOLSPA baths are perfect choice for many years to come.