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Information on “cookies”

“Cookies” policy

What are cookie files, otherwise known as “cookies”?

By „cookies”, we understand small information text files that are sent by a www server and are saved on the user’s side on a device that is connected to the internet, which the user is using. (among others – computer, tablet or smartphone). These files only allow for the information that they contain to be read by the server that created them. “Cookies” are most commonly used in the case of registers, surveys, internet stores, websites that require logging in, advertisements and for monitoring the activity of visitors. Therefore, “cookies” make it possible to tailor websites to user preferences.  

What do we use “cookies” for and do they contain personal data?

Above all, we use “cookies” to improve and optimise websites. Thanks to those files, we are able to create anonymous statistics, which help us to understand how websites are used by a given user (without a personal identification of the user). The data is encrypted in such a way that makes unauthorised access impossible.  

Managing “cookies”

Most browsers that are installed on devices accept “cookies” automatically. If you want to change those default settings, you can do it through your browser settings. Limiting the use of “cookies” might affect some of the functions of the website.

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